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Our history, our tasks, targets, team and services.



Company historia

Sawmill Campamá Sawmill, S.L. started its activity in 1975, founded by Mr. Joseph Campamà Bertran and currently headed by Mr. Jordi Campamà Ferrando, Oscar Campamá …

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Task and Target

Company missio i objectius

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Campama Sawmill’s task is to provide wood derived products with the best quality and service …

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Company certificats

In constant pursuit of excellence in our timber transformation process, we have obtained the following certifications:
Garanty brand CATFOREST
The CATFOREST brand is the best way to show customers that …

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Our team

Company equip

Campamà Sawmill S.L is a company devoted to wood sawing and transformation and to the production of pallets, boxes and every kind of packaging without …

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