Sawmill Campamá Sawmill, S.L. started its activity in 1975, founded by Mr. Joseph Campamà Bertran and currently headed by Mr. Jordi Campamà Ferrando, Oscar Campamá Girón and Carlos Campamà Girón.

Our company has not changed from the beginning, from the desire of business expansion to our commitment to the customers. As our main targets we have considered a high quality service, control, safety, product adaptation to the costumer’s requirements since the experience accumulated during these years of work  has taught us that a satisfied customer is the best advertising and the best business image.

Our factory, which was set up with a 450 m2 surface used for sawing and selling  wood, comprises nowadays a total surface of 30.000 m2 used for a variety of products: 3.400 m2 are industrial units and the rest are different yards for the storage and classification of the raw material and the final products.