Task and Target

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Our Task

Campama Sawmill’s task is to provide wood derived products with the best quality and service possible, adapted to the customer’s requirements, either for individuals or for big companies.

Our Target

L’objectiu de Serradora Campamà és ajudar a cobrir les necessitats que hi ha en el sector de la fusta, des de la venta a l’engròs i al detall de llenya d’ús per a la llar dins de la comarca i proximitats, com la producció recurrent de palets, fustes i embalatges per al transport i la logística de les empreses a nivell nacional.

Given the long lasting activity of the company and its expansion projects, we have been offering, for years now, other wood products such as pergolas, porches, ceilings, decks and innovating with the wooden houses as an economic alternative that has been of little used in the Garraf area and with a great prospective in these times, apart from other wooden structures and accessories for the garden.

The latest bet of the company is to offer and make the population of this and the nearby area know the biomass as an alternative  ecological fossil and economic fuel (instead of diesel), which, given its high power, makes it accurate not only for houses but also for big premises.