In constant pursuit of excellence in our timber transformation process, we have obtained the following certifications:

Garanty brand CATFOREST

The CATFOREST brand is the best way to show customers that we are committed to a product with a guarantee of sustainable forest management, proximity and quality (quality standards) with forest products of Catalonia.

 PEFC Certificate

As a result of our environmental, social and economical commitment and following a responsible management model and sustainability, in Campamá Sawmill we realize our activity following the sustainable forest management criteria and with the PEFC certification through the Chain of Custody.

This certificate guarantees that our products come from forests which are managed sustainably, helping avoid the illegal logging and encouraging conservation and biological diversity.

Phytosanitary certificate

According to the International Regulation on Phytosanitary Measures (NIMF N.15) in relation to the international trade with the goal of decreasing the risk of introduction and spreading of plagues, we have got a drying room for phytosanitary treatment in order to guarantee that our products are exported internationally accomplishing the common legislation of the European Union. The brand is a guarantee that the product complies with the phytosanitary measures in our premises.